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I remember when Octobers were cold.  I remember when Octobers were foggy and gloomy creating mystical visions.  The wind had an icy chill and was strong.  We wore sweaters, stockings and gloves.

I remember when Octobers were cold and rainy.  We drank hot cocoa and stared outside wet windows from underneath fuzzy blankets.  We heard the steady tap from our sofa wondering if it was just the rain or a ghoulish visitor coming in from the fog.

I remember when Octobers were cold and festive.  We used to put stickers on windows letting all the little ones know it was Halloween here!  “Come in, we have treats for you!”  We used to have mechanical spooks about the house, neon colored arachnids that squeaked and a cauldron full of chemical candy.  We had red lights and black lights, strobe lights and no lights to add to the spooky ambiance.

I remember when Octobers were cold but now they are warm.



The depth of life’s waters

Eyes open
Days pass
You’re no longer beside me
A cold bed
A squeezing sensation
In youth
The waters were clear
The bottom was easily deciphered
Now, searching for the foundation in murky waters is endless
Perhaps I just wasn’t looking deep enough before

On Being An Intellectual [an original poem]

i wish i was a man
i wish i was a tall man
with sunken tired eyes
a thin long scarf
a suit
a pensive aloof gaze
and a book to read aloud
with a smooth deep voice and relaxed tones
would you listen to me then

♥ · ♥

i wish i was a man
with expensive shoes and tattered socks
my steps echoing on the sidewalk
passing shops
a light gray sky
the wind mussing my hair
would you watch me then

♥ · ♥

i wish i was a man
blue eyes
and scruff
long fingers not too fat
a secure stance
would you…

Personify the Depression

Free Verse

There’s blood
There’s blood everywhere!
I cry as I sit in darkness
in this despair
I am powerless
fighting to be in control
so desperately wishing I could lose control
I want to lose all control
run away so far away
your rules and your regulations
your peace and your structure
your laws and your business
your pseudo ethics
your fake love
your artificial kindness
your lazy intelligence
and your rash logic

I’m throwing in the towel
I am done
done with it all…

but no matter how far I run
you will find me
and control me
and my children
so I must find a way to destroy you.

The chair was blood stained

Free Verse

The chair was blood stained
Pieces of flesh stuck to the arms
Drip drip drip
Echoing through the room
The walls were rusted brown
Made of steel
Bolted together years ago
One light hanging from the middle of the ceiling
Its shade rusted as well, green and brown
The silence was piercing
The door was closed

The vastness of sorrow is not to be contemplated

Free Verse

The vastness of sorrow is not to be contemplated

I wore her ring
My finger, though young, has the wrinkles of time
I dressed in the color of night
My body weak from this life
I no longer care to feel this pain
I no longer care to feel anything at all

I remember her words
I forgot her actions
Those being the more painful of the two
I used to try to forget
After so many years of doing so
Now I struggle to remember

I held the water in my hand


I held the water in my hand
It was cool and free
Like a breeze
A cool breeze that chills the skin yet refreshes the senses

He was a king
A king in my realm
Unleashing the sense
An all out war
A war of a lifetime

The countryside was torn
Tattered and burnt
Homes no longer existed
The grass was blood stained
The mountains were aflame
Creatures had scattered
Only bottom feeders
Vultures were all that remained

Nothing would uplift us
Raise our spirits
We all walked out to the cliff
One by one we walked beyond the edge
We fell into a new hope
A new realm
One that no had no mountains aflame
One that would give us rest

No one looked back

I once saw a priest – original free verse

I once saw a priest
With his nose in the air
And his hand in his pocket
Eye sockets black and gold
Wrinkles on his face
And a smooth black hat

He looked to the sky
He looked to me and I shuddered to think of the evil he has caused
The rumors he has started
The time he has wasted
A vampiric creature

I once saw a priest
With scaly skin
And bloody ankles
He told me to believe
In myself
Of all things

He stood still
Wearing black dress shoes
Made of leather and death
His rosary dangling in the wind
I heard the echo of his clicking footsteps
A sad thing

I once saw a priest
And I immediately began to plot his demise
A childish game
Of course I only succeeded in my mind