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News and Informed Publics

The United States is a constitutional republic and representative democracy.  If it is to avert tyranny, its publics must be informed.  Lack of truth and lack of information is just as perilous as apathy.   Unfortunately for us, at least in my experience, there are blockades towards a proper education, complete information, and truth.  It is the responsibility of Federal government to provide a solid education and it is the responsibility of every citizen to self-educate when government no longer provides.  Apathy or hardship preventing action or both combined are dangers to freedom.  When loss of truth, lack of ideas, and absence of logic are prevalent, opportunity to destroy a republic and/or a democracy are available.  It will not be sudden and many will not see the signs.  It is important to be vigilant during these times.  Tyranny will chip away at freedom and liberty in a manner in which the populous will be content with their state.

Freedom does not guarantee safety, perhaps that is the most threatening idea against it. How willing are you to sacrifice your freedom for safety?

One cannot think of one’s freedom absent of others as it is common for an individual’s freedom to infringe on the freedom of others.  This awareness should breed discussion about tolerance–sacrificing one’s own comfort for the freedom of others.  This is another discussion, I digress.

Our technocratic world is shattered by the war against truth.  Who will prevail?  I am on the side of science and logic, not profits and losses, not stubbornness, not ignorance, not intolerance.   We have relied on sources of truth that no longer value the importance of the protection of truth and its relation to freedom.  The news media has been conquered by sophistry and profit, no longer are they defenders of democracy.  Were they ever?  More importantly, who can we trust for truth and what will be the basis of truth?  Will it be logic?  Will it be science?  Will it be morals?  Will it be what appears to be the easy solution no matter how devoid of truth?